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I take 6 grams a day. I am taking Evolution X now, but if I go over 6 grams I itch all over for about an hour. I took TwinLab previous to that and didn't experience any problems at all. EX has the b-complex built in, so perhaps it's too many b vitamins at once. I'm going back to another brand when this runs out and just stick with taking a b-complex supplement along with the B5 so I don't have this problem. I also had more of a decrease in oil with the TwinLab, but with both, absolutely no breakouts and my clogged pores keep unloosening and clearing up. My back is perfect, and it used to be full of blackheads and usually about l0 pimples scattered at any one time. The blackheads on my chest are gone too. They are both no longer oily like they used to be. Before B5, I was so oily my clothes would have oil stains by the end of the day. Not so anymore!

Be SURE to drink lots of water to really make the B5 work optimally. Also take a B-complex supplement daily and Zinc as well. I've found the more water I guzzle, the better the results with the plug elimination from my pores. I carry a 2-liter bottle of water everywhere I go and drink and drink all day. It flushes those toxins right out of your system, will really make your skin look healthy, and also seems to help any problems with fatigue.

B5 is usually most effective beginning around the third week on, so don't expect too much at the outset. On day one of week three my oil production decreased about 80% and plugs were literally popping out of my pores. I think my entire field of blackheads on my back cleared in that week alone! Truly amazing, but just my own personal experience--we're all different.

I wish the very best! Keep posting and let us know your progress.

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