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Oh my gosh. I want to thank you for posting the wealth of information that you've provided us. I enjoy cooking so that won't be a problem. I never eat take-out/fast-food and I do not eat at restaurants very often. It's hard to do such things as a student, but I have patience/will power to avoid eating unhealthy food. I actually have found that since I stopped drinking milk my acne had started to go away within months. I used to sit there with a box of cereal (any kind...I loved cereal) and a jug of milk and just eat bowl after bowl. My whole life up until about 18-19 I would drink probably as much milk as the recommended amount of water. I took an antibiotic for almost 2 years, which is crazy even when I think about it now. It helped, but slowly but surely the acne started to get worse.

I stopped taking it and got on different creams, moisturizers, washes, etc. I used to do Pro-Activ. It worked initially before I went to a DERM. It turned my face a bit too red for my liking, but worked for my FIRST bout with acne.(the first time I got it OH was it bad...blood filled boil like cystic acne, but i haven't experienced that since lasted about 6 months or so.) I then tried the herbal 3-phase system thing from ZEN-MED, which I know made my skin about as bad as it ever has been. I got on supplements from GNC and it helped a bit. (acidophilus,zinc, etc) I now use Cetaphil Cleanser twice a day, use H2O2 on a clear day sometimes twice a day mostly just once in the morning, and moisturize with Cetaphil day/night. I also take a soy protein shake, 80 mg of zinc lozegens, and flax-seed oil/fish body oil. I do think that the protein I have added to my diet has helped. I think I'll be able to do this so thank you. I just looked up Dr. Cordain's book and I can get it online for not much at all.

I'm just tired of waking up EVERY DAY and KNOWING that I have acne and the best I can hope for is that a few of them are "going away." I do not want to deal with it if for another minute if I can help it. The binge kind of sugar fests I tend to have every three months or so have to stop also.:p It usually happens when I have no food in the place except bread and something sweet so I go to the store after having like a PB sandwhich looking for cookies/chocolate.

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