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[QUOTE=stojack]I'm a 37 y/o female that has suffered with this damn disease for the last 20+ years. I feel your pain sista... I tried everything, including accutane when I was younger, but nothing helped for long or I was too afraid of the side effects. Yasmin worked for acne but my hair started falling out from the change in hormones, bactrim worked but how long can you really take anti biotics????, oh, and b5 worked, but also hair thinning. Anyway, I finally dove into natural remedies, and pieced together the diet/acne connection. There are several old timers on this site that have made the connections and cured their acne natuarally. What's working for me is the paleo diet, or low/slow carb. No refined food, sugar etc. There's a great ebook by Loren Cordain called The dietary cure for acne. It's $20 bucks and trust me there is science in there, not hocus pocus. If anyone has any questions, feel free to let em' loose, it took me a long time to get my acne under control naturally and I can share tricks of the trade so to speak.[/QUOTE]

Is it expensive to follow this "diet/regimen"? I am going to try this out before I try accutane. I always thought that sugar and all that junk food stuff we normally find in our grocery stores/fast food places, but recently I tried something of an experiment out and now I know. When I eat simple sugars holy ****. I basically gouged myself with sugar this month that I was home for winter break. I never eat fast food and drink plenty of water and I never eat simple sugars, but slowly I increased my intake of sugars. It took about three days when I really took in a bunch of junk food to see huge pimples come up. So, now I'm ready to REALLY eat HEALTHY and rid myself of products. Thanks in advance for any help.

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