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Hey Nic11

I have been taking zinc capsules now since April as i found quite a few sites recommending how good they were for helping treat acne. iv'e never really actually had acne, just the odd breakout every now and then but as u get with quite alot of girls my age (22) i always thought they were the end of the world.
well!! they were nothing to like the ones iv'e been getting lately!
for the past 6 months iv'e been getting them really bad and they are mostly around my jawline and are big and hard and very painful. almost nothing ever comes out of them when i squeeze, just blood and this then just results in scarring.
iv'e tried everything - freederm gel, sudocream, savlon, tea tree oil, witch hazel and nothing has worked.
iv'e recently been using benzoyl peroxide and at first it burnt my face abit (not bad just abit red) but it seems to be improving my skin quite abit.
anyway.... to get to the point i upped my dose of zinc to 2 capsules a day instead of the recommended 1 a day which was on the box and looking back now it is around this time that i started getting more breakouts.
it was researching last night and found quite a few sites that state that taking znc can actually cause more harm than good for alot of peope and can make them also states that taking vitamin a can imrove your skin alot (the recommended daily dosage is 5,000-10,000 IU's but some say that taking up 26,000 IU's is ok. u need to be careful though as too much can cause severe liver damage.)
iv'e now stopped taking zinc and im taking 16,000 IU's of vitamin a a day.iv'e also saw a new 'miracle cure called 101e acne getaway so if you get a chance check it out.

sorry for the essay!!

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