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Need Help
Dec 21, 2006
:confused: hi there i need help with my acne i have it on my shoulders and my face and now its going down my arm and to my chest, i have not eaten alot of fast food for about 2 months as i used to. i take a shower every day, i dont eat alot period when i do its just a little lunch for work ( sandwich, chips, gushers, and about 2 other things, i drink nothing but water for about 4 months plus a bit of that green tea. i tried clearasil and natures cure they both seem to work a little bit but just doesnt do the job. im 18 male i dont work at a dirty job or makes me sweat. i dont eat fruits for vegies a whole lot im going to try that anytime i can. plus when i get rid of them times i pop/rip them persay and it leaves divits or scars and makes them like black i know i shouldnt be doing this but at work i dont want people teasing me and having a huge pimple on my face, if a way to get rid of those would help also Thank You. if anymore info is needed just ask and ill give :confused:

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