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Is using benzoyl peroxide, often, good for the skin? Does anyone know if there are any side affects or anything bad about using benzoyl peroxide too much on your face? Please respond if you know.
I was prescribed a benzoyl peroxide by my derm when I was younger, I dont think that frequency of applying it can hurt your skin (other than drying it out) but I do remember once I broke out all over my forehead and I smeared the benzoyl peroxide cream on really thickly and it must have burned the skin a bit because for a few weeks after I had what looked like a red rash or sunburn on my forehead...not pleasant. So just apply thinly and frequently instead of all at once...
i was told to use it once in the morning and to use my salycilic wash at night. so washing day and night isnt horrible i wouldnt think if i can use two washes in one day..why woudlnt you be able to use one wash twice a day? how often do you use it/want to use it?
don't use it too much. i don't think bp is that good for your skin and personally i prefer salicylic acid because it's less irritating to me. bp usually just dries you skin out to get rid of the acne whereas salicylic acid actually goes into the pores.. iono. if it works for you, that's good but don't overdue it.
Using to much of it may irritate your skin and cause redness or drying.
I don't put it all over my face, i just put it around a pimple. I apply it once in the morning and once before going to bed.

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