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Hi Wholegrain,
I think you nailed it. It's just more trouble than people want to deal with. I was the biggest junk food junky going and now I can't find a thing to eat in a convenience store. It's tough to pull off. I would love to know what your diet consists of, cause I've seen much discussion on the vegetarian diet not necessarily being ideal for acne. Soy and beans can be very bad for acne due to the lectins they contain. Grains in general are also a no, no for several reasons. Cordain gets into all that in his book. ALso if you're eating grains like quinoa, barley etc, thinking they're safe, could be problems, high glycemic and gluten can be very bad for acne sufferers. The Paleo diet focuses on lean meats, fruites and veggies. I've read alot of posts about people's skin improving after adding back in meat, protein helps stabilize blood sugar, which contributes to clearer skin. Somewhat over simplified, but the key to good skin is balancing blood sugar and therefore insulin to stop the hormonal cascade that results. Insulin the master hormone than triggers the production of testosterone, which we all know is a main culprit. Low carbers are notorious for seeing the connection with their diet and clearer skin, even if it wasn't their initial intent. Let me know whay you're eating and I'll see if I can help identify some triggers.

ALso, check out coconut oil, do a general search on the health benefits, it's a real gem. I also use coconut flour now for baking, it's low carb, gluten free.

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