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Hi Wholegrain,
I think you nailed it. It's just more trouble than people want to deal with. I was the biggest junk food junky going and now I can't find a thing to eat in a convenience store. It's tough to pull off. I would love to know what your diet consists of, cause I've seen much discussion on the vegetarian diet not necessarily being ideal for acne. Soy and beans can be very bad for acne due to the lectins they contain. Grains in general are also a no, no for several reasons. Cordain gets into all that in his book. ALso if you're eating grains like quinoa, barley etc, thinking they're safe, could be problems, high glycemic and gluten can be very bad for acne sufferers. The Paleo diet focuses on lean meats, fruites and veggies. I've read alot of posts about people's skin improving after adding back in meat, protein helps stabilize blood sugar, which contributes to clearer skin. Somewhat over simplified, but the key to good skin is balancing blood sugar and therefore insulin to stop the hormonal cascade that results. Insulin the master hormone than triggers the production of testosterone, which we all know is a main culprit. Low carbers are notorious for seeing the connection with their diet and clearer skin, even if it wasn't their initial intent. Let me know whay you're eating and I'll see if I can help identify some triggers.

ALso, check out coconut oil, do a general search on the health benefits, it's a real gem. I also use coconut flour now for baking, it's low carb, gluten free.
[QUOTE=wholegrain]Here's today for you. Not exactly ideal, but I've been lazy lately.

Some fresh cherries.
A slice of leftover cheese pizza. (high glycemic, insuligenic (dairy has negative effects on insulin)
A banana. (high glycemic, I've seen many posts from people who can't eat bananas, Perricone says they're a no no along with magos. I have them in moderation and usually with something high protein, you may want to consider coconut oil which will have a similar effect as protein by stabilizing blood sugar.)
One Ryevita Fruit Crisp. (Gluten, high glycemic, grains can be bad. Check out mercola for more info on grains and acne)

Mango/raspberry/soymilk smoothie. (Mango is high glycemic, soy can be problematic due to lectins. There's a lot of controversy over whether soy is really safe, check out mercola for that as well)

Palak paneer (spinach with homemade cottage cheese).(dairy could be a problem)
Chana masala (chickpeas in tomato sauce). (chickpeas, lectins)
Aloo gobi (baked potatoes and cauliflower). (baked potatoes, high glycemic, high carb)
Basmati rice. (high glycemic, high carb)
Nan (bread). (same as above. I used to lovveee this stuff, oh how I miss it)
Mango lassi (fresh yogurt and mango blended). (dairy, Mango again...)

Whole grain crackers. (grains bad)
Spinach ravioli. (pasta, high glycemic)
A little Gatorade. (sugar, I don't touch it)

I understand the theories but I am not at all interested in adding animal flesh back into my diet. I should be clear that I didn't change my lifestyle [I]to[/I] combat acne, I simply noticed that it didn't help. I would rather look into different methods of treating acne besides eating meat.[/QUOTE]

Ok, so according to Cordain and what has worked for me, your diet is highly suspect as far as acne and in my opinion health as well. I know you think this is totally healthy and two years ago I would have as well. I ate very similarly. The fact is this diet has ramifications on blood sugar and insulin which is not only a key factor in acne but in many chronic diseases, cancer, heart disease etc. I would suggest reading up on the benefits of low carbing (not the atkins way, the slow carb/low carb way. Low sugar fruits and veggies primarily) Even though Cordain is firm believer in meats and seafood as to how we were designed to eat (Paleolithic Man), he is more concerned with controlling blood sugar. I think your diet is suspect in that respect. Totally understand not wanting to add back meat ( my best friend is vegan and can't even smell it being cooked anymore) I just don't have a good substitute for something more substantial than fruits and veggies. The grains are not only inferior nutritionally, they create problems with insulin and as a result other hormones. This is not only about acne for me either, I believe eating a low gi diet that controls blood sugar is imperative for long term health and well being and the prevention of chronic disease. The best advice I can give you is to look at the many books out today on this particular subject matter and how to work it around a vegetarian diet. I love to go to the bookstore and camp out in the aisle with all relevant titles and just research the subject.

Cordain doesn't love soy in the diet, but he says some people can add it back in without problems for the skin. Mercola feels it's extremely dangerous for health. It's a toughie overall. I dropped it and use almond milk now. I know I rambled, but it's late here and I'm tired. I hope I could give you some info. that's helpful for your health overall.

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