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I'm a little puzzled that diet and acne is no longer discussed on this board. For those of you who aren't convinced there's a connection, please check out this book. [removed] I've tried everything under the sun for the last 20+ years and have finally learned to control this disease with diet. I have experienced so many negative side effects from the different drugs out there for acne, that I had to see if this could work. I know everyone out there is thinking yeah sure, how could this work, but trust me it does if you do it correctly. It's a huge adjustment for most people, because we're conditioned to eat such garbage, which leads to a hormonal cascade that triggers acne. Even if you think you have tried cutting out certain foods to no avail, you may be missing the mark. Cordain gets into relationships with food and acne that others have overlooked. This guy wrote the Paleo Diet, has been peer reviewed and they have conducted I believed three controlled studies to date to prove their thoery. I've written a couple of posts in response to women trying Yasmin and severe adult acne, but no one seems interested in this path. Is it just that people are looking for a magic pill and this is just too hard?? Help me understand why people aren't interested, cause once I found posts and data that this was possible I devoured all the information I could on the subject. Help me understand the disinterest...
I'm a little confused. You said you were low carbing in one of your posts and now your saying it was just how you ate before you ate all of the complex carbs. Does that mean you were eating more refined carbs like the typical western diet?? White bread, cereal, pancakes, pasta?? As far as I can tell from your posts you have never truly eliminated many of the known exacerbaters of this disease. I truly hope you give yourself a chance to research some of this information and try to apply the principles. I get the sense that your doubting that it can work (which I totally understand, I did too and hung onto every conventional remedy I could, but the last one made my hair fall out - Yasmin birt h control, worked like a dream but hormones are very tricky). My concern is that your post implies that you tried diet and it didn't work, and I hate for you to discourage others from trying this approach. Put it this way, after about 24 years I've finally found the connections to this brutal disease and I don't need to stay on this board anymore, I just want to help people. If I had this information in my teens and twenties, my life could have literally taken a different course. I'm ok with things the way they are, but I lost out on so many opportunities because of my embarrassment over my face. It compromised so many areas for me, it makes me sick to think about it. You just have to feel fortunate to have found the answers and move on. Now I just want to get to as many people as I can, cause I know how much it SUCKS!! Anyway, I'm not trying to be harsh or mean, just asking that you are careful about how things can be perceived. I was thrown off course many a time over the years I've been researching this by posts that dissed this as a remedy, when they may not have doing the right things. Keep in touch, I would love to know if you find answers for yourself.

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