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Re: Acne on body
Nov 22, 2003

I recently visited a dermatologist who told me that the acne I get on my body is caused by sweat and that there is nothing I can do to get rid of it. Sometimes it's not so bad but lately I've been getting it bad on my arms, legs and butt - my face is totally clear and has always been that way. On my legs alone I counted 30 or so pimples. I live in a warm climate but take extra care to avoid excess sweating. I shower twice daily and scrub with exfoliating wash but nothing is helping and now it's just getting too much.

Surely there must be either a body wash that works or some medicine I can take? Tests from lab came back saying no bacteria present in the pimples, so I guess it's not anything bad then.

BTW I'm 31 years old and healthy, very athletic so it's not as though I live like a slob!

Please, someone help![/QUOTE]
Are you sure its really acne u have on your body- I had lots of red bumps show up on my body a few yrs ago and thought that it was acne also- even had some that looked like white heads u know the kind u get on your face from real acne. Started using all kinds of body washes for acne or bar soap containing BP but had no luck- went to the doctor he says i had what they call winter itch that has been going around in dry climate areas - there is a presciption u can get for it or u can simply buy a body moistureizer to apply after u shower that will clear things up after a week or two-

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