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Re: Popping pimples
Mar 10, 2007
It's really not a good idea to pop a whitehead, or acne cyst with a needle. As an fyi, cosmytology tools are sold for this purpose but they can damage your face more. Alcohol on both the spot and the needle will help, but is not a sure fire way to kill all the germs. Using a needle can cause unintended damage to blood vessels, increase healing time and worsen scarring.

To remove a white head, it can be best to wash the face with hot water (the pores open up), squeeze gently with tissue paper, wash with cold water. Approach works for cyst type zits too - to minimize scarring use a product like neosporin. If a cyst has burst it can restrict blood / puss ooze.

Clean hands and a tissue may be less risk .......

Cyst like acne can be worth consulting a dermatologist for. There are treatments such as low long term doses of antibiotics.

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