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[QUOTE=stojack;2745430]Hi WholeGrain,
I read something interesting last night about why accutane works. This may not be exact, but it has to do with insulin resistance and the way accutane improves this condition thereby improving the acne. This was pointed out by a poster named Sweetjade who was very active on these boards and cites a great deal of medical papers to support all her suggestions. (do a google on 'sweetjade acne' to find some of her wonderful postings) [/QUOTE]

Hah! Sweetjade1 was my guru too.

I've read in many places claims that it is unknown how accutane benefits acne. But I've also read the insulin thing. And there are other, less dangerous ways to improve insulin resistance such as diet, exercise and diabetes medications like metformin. Sweetjade has mentioned metformin.

WholeGrain, if you can't afford the book, then try searching for Sweetjade1 posts. You'll find her contributing to all the really valuable discussions about diet, supplements, medications, etc. With people who eventually stopped posting here because their skin is now clear. I'm still here because I check some other boards, but they aren't that active. There's always something new on the acne board.

You could also try doing something like the Perricone 3-day face lift diet and see if that results in an improvement. The Perricone diet involves eating Salmon twice a day, and eggs, fruits like melon and blueberries, green vegetables and some nuts for a snack. You'll find it for free on the web. There has been a lengthy discussion here from a guy promoting eating a similar diet for 3 days resulting in an improvement in oily skin and blemishes that should prove to most that diet is worthwhile. Not limited to Salmon, but any good protein like chicken breast.

I don't really know if you'll see an improvement in 3 days because I just started eating better and got results. I don't know how fast.

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