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Hi WholeGrain,
It's me again. I would beg of you to try the diet thing first to see if that will have any effect on your acne. The only reason to try that first, is I delayed my own discovery and suffered hairloss as a result of Yasmin because I just wanted instant gratification. I was too afraid to try diet, cause it seemed too hokey, I mean come on after 20 some years of battle, it can't possibly be that simple, right??? Yasmin worked really well for my acne, so did bactrim and b5, but they all had bad side effects. I also tried accutane in my early twenties, and it didn't work for long at all. I read something interesting last night about why accutane works. This may not be exact, but it has to do with insulin resistance and the way accutane improves this condition thereby improving the acne. This was pointed out by a poster named Sweetjade who was very active on these boards and cites a great deal of medical papers to support all her suggestions. (do a google on 'sweetjade acne' to find some of her wonderful postings) I've read some interesting studies that indicate that acne sufferers continue beyond teen years (years of natural insulin resistance due to the tremendous growth at this stage of life) to remain in a state of insulin resistance, which would appear to explain why diet as a means to control blood sugar and insulin response is effective at controlling acne. Bottom line, I delayed trying diet cause' yasmin was a quick fix and like i said it did in fact work, but hairloss was not an option. it's interesting to note that i was being pretty good about restricting sugar while on yasmin but if i did splruge like at thanksgiving, i would have a breakout. I like you wanted to be as natural as possible and grew concerned with years of different drugs to take care of the problem. I wish you the best in whatever you decide, but i thought i'd share my experience because i know the strong desire to get a quick fix. The good news is if you do choose diet first, most people experience at least a lessening of severity within a week or so.

Good luck,

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