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[QUOTE=DKScully;2759199]How long did you stay on Retin-A? I think it may be one of those treatments that makes you get worse before it gets better, so it's possible you didn't give it a long enough opportunity to work. Maybe?

I was on Accutane in 1999, and since then, from what I've heard, dermatologists are a lot more reluctant to prescribe it, unless they've tried several other prescription meds without success. It's just strong stuff, and my dermatologist, at least, made me come in every month while I was on it for blood tests and such. I have absolutely NO regrets about going on it, and it ultimately changed my skin's chemistry PERMANENTLY, which is amazing! But just be aware that you might not be able to just "ask for it" and get a prescription. In terms of topical medications, I recommend Differin.[/QUOTE]

I heard about differin I'll ask her about that. I didn't stay on retin-a for long because it made my face red and it just looked horrible.

[QUOTE=stojack;2759085]Junior 77,
What do you eat in a given day??[/QUOTE]

I don't eat that much. I eat under 1000 calories I believe. I don't eat much because I'm busy with school all day. But I usually have some cereal with some eggs in the morning and whatever I can eat in the afternoon.

newuser I'm still waiting for your reply on what product u use for oily skin. Thanks.

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