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[QUOTE=almostclear7;2763589]I forgot to include about a pound of honey ham and honey turkey over the last week and a half. I'm so stupid. I think that is probably more likely to have hurt me. It wasn't just the pigging out on a whole bag of grapes. It was all that deli meat probably also. Looking back at the last week or so of eating I realize in the beginning that I was eating oven roasted turkey and lean off the bone ham for lunch and sometimes even breakfast, but switched to honey glazed ham and some kind of honey turkey. It's a very tedious process this diet and now I think I will have to start over as today is the first day in the last 10 that I've not eaten that stuff. What do you think stojack? Do you think eating all that honey glazed meat has set me back? I feel so downtrodden today.[/QUOTE]

Hey almostclear,
Keep your chin up. I've had setbacks too on this thing. It's hard to know what's in everything you're eating. Some people like lindam, don't need to be as strict on the diet, but others it seems do. I'm one of the unlucky ones that seems to need to keep it really clean. If I deviate too far, I'll get a pimple. Now mind you it's nothing like what I used to get, it's more a normal persons pimple now, but it shows me that I have to stay on track to have clear skin. With that said, it's very possilbe that there is alot of hidden sugars in those lunch meats you were eating. And if you're eating large quantities it could set you off. Also, too much fruit at any one time can spike blood sugar also. Don't panic, just go back to basics by reverting to meats that don't contain sweeteners like honey and try to keep a balance to your food groups as much as possible. Protein with fruits and veggies in one meal, is a good way to keep blood sugar in check. Remember fruits have sugar, it just enters the bloodstream more slowly in general. A slice or two of turkey before or with a reasonable serving of fruit will help control how quickly the sugar from the fruits enters your bloodstream, thus controlling the insulin response (which is again what sets off the other hormones that we know fuel acne). Try getting yourself some coconut oil too, I swear by this stuff. Do a google on the health benefits and you'll find it's pretty cool stuff. I don't know if you ever saw the e book by Leo Kiesen, he's an acne cure guru, turned me onto this stuff for it's ability to stabilize blood sugar. Also has alot of other great properties in my opinion. He suggests a tablespoon before meals to help level blood sugar. I make coconut oil fudge now and snack on that throughout the day. The recipe is on the boards, if you can't find and you want it let me know and i'll repost it.

Also, for those of you who haven't kicked coffee and caffeine, it's definitely somthing to consider for clear skin. I'll find the explanation on why and post later.

I just want to add that Perricone suggest avoiding certain fruits because of their high glycemic index, namely bananas and mangoes. Oranges can be probematic for people also, either due to allergy, acidity or high sugar content. I had a reaction to oranges a few weeks ago, I ate three oranges in one sitting and a few days later had two smallish cysts on my chin. Definitely and inflammatory response, they had no intention of coming to a head and quickly receded once the offending food was removed. I can't emphasize enough how this is a process that needs to be worked through. Obviously, we all know that fruits are great for us and we don't want to throw the baby out with the bath water, we just need to understand the response that sugars from any source, healthy or unhealthy, have on our blood sugar and insulin. Again, the mantra is keeping blood sugar and insulin in balance is critical to keeping all those other popular acne causing hormones in check.

Don't give up, this can work, it's just gonna take some time for you to master what works for you.

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