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Differin worked for me, and I've had acne since I was 13 or 14, and I'm 19 now, also. Now my acne isn't too bad, but i know longer use Differin because of the cost. Have you tried microderm abrasion? That helps to get rid of scarring. Also Neutrogena's Acne Scar Fading Mask GREATLY reduces scarring and red marks. They show advertisements of before and after photos, and at first I was sketical. But it truly does work. You can't hardly see my scars anymore, they are almost totally faded. There is also a type of Chinese acne pill which works internally. I took it for a couple months because my face was so dried out and rough, and it made my skin incredibly soft! I stopped taking it a number of months ago and my face is still soft! My fiance even commented on it. I can't remember the name...I'll see if I can't find it for you.

You also mentioned that you try to cover your acne with makeup. What kind do you use? I had to experiment with different kinds to find one that didn't aggravate my acne. I don't know if you already know, but neitrogena finally started coming out with makeup for people with acne that has salicylic (sp?) acid in it. It is very light on your skin, but has good coverage. Of course everyone is different, but for me personally I was able to cover up my acne AND be fighting it at the same time, so I didn't worry about it making things work.

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