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have you ever thought about fasting? I don't know how bad your acne is, or what you've done, but that worked for me; and I would say i have moderate acne.

Or, you may want to just do a liver cleanse. You can do that with epsom salt, grapefruit juice, and olive oil......... I HAVE NOT DONE THIS YET, so can't say anything about it; but supposedly the liver has a HUGE impact on acne. I'll be doing it in a couple weeks
I got this from an accutane post down the list; from payitforward8888

"To cure acne, the most important is to remove the toxic from your body, then just to treat the symptom.
My friend had very bad acne problem for years. He start taking fibre plus, cryptmonadales and indinine to cleanse the body and help the body recover. For the first 2 weeks, a lot of toxic was being force out of the body, forming a lot of acne on his face for 2 weeks, it's very bad. Thereafer, it start to disappear gradually. After four months, acne only appear now and then, and very few. A easy to follow diet plan is required also.

It's organic and natural, without side effect.

Lesson: Don't only treat the symptom, treat the whole body."

Epsom salt can be bought at just about any drug store I believe. To do the liver flush, you mix water with epsom salt and drink it at particular intervals during the day (two times)...... then, at night, you drink olive oil and grapefruit juice before you go to sleep......, then the next day, drink more epsom salt mix (twice). That is supposed to clean you out. But, it might be kinda hard on a person so it's not something you can do and then go party, etc. You should look for information from Hulda clark, and just check out what she says about acne and liver flushes. All the info would be in there

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