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[QUOTE=hopetobeclear;2766260]Hi Lisamarie,
Thanks for responding. I know I have asked this question over and over again (It must be so annoying), but I guess I need to be reassured that it is going to work. I will do if for 5 months, but what if it doesn't work? What then?...Gosh, I pray it works! Did you slowly get better? I felt like I was clearing up, but I started my period and broke out again. Four new zits...just around my mouth; the rest of my face is clear (except for some tiny white bumps on my cheeks). It seems like I am going on this cycle (along with my period): breakout a week before, continue to breakout, start clearing up, then breakout again. Is this to be expected? Did you have a slow and gradual clearing? Again, thanks for all your info.:confused:[/QUOTE]

I understand I was the same way!! I was just so afraid that it wasn't going to work. Be/c it seemed like everyone else was having better results and faster too!! And the period thing.... wow i know exactly what your talking about!!! I always breakout out around my period!!! It kind of seemed like all of a sudden my acne just stopped (at the 5 month mark). I was thinking that spiro wasn't going to work for me. I was the same way you are. I completely understand!! I was soo confused be/c I didn't have any oil on my face but i was still breaking out. Now on my 6 month, I had my period and I kid you not, I didn't have one pimple!!!!!! I broke out like crazy for the first 5 months like I told you....and just like you said it, I was breaking out a week before my period too. It seemed like I only had like 2 or 3 days where my face was okay looking then it would start back up for my period and it would take forever for my face to chill out from my period. But now for the month straight I haven't had any break outs. I'm just dealing with scars now. You are taking 100mgs right? If at month five it's not where you want it to be add 50mgs more a day. I feel feel that you have hormonal acne by what your saying so I think this will work for you. Stay with it!!!

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