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Thank you for the responses! They have made me feel more confident :)

The whole 'not telling feelings' thing is really bad for me - I do it with everything. If I'm hurt about anything (even if it's not my skin) I just cannot tell any of my friends - and usually my family most of the time. I don't know why...

It took my months to even get enough courage to talk to anyone about my acne - now it's just my family (I never talk about it with my friends). I kept putting off talking to my mum about it (to book a doctor's appointment) and in the end I just went for it and I'm glad I did. It must be around a year ago exactly (some trivia for you hehe) I told her.

I guess I'll just have to keep ignoring any nasty comments that are made to me! I remember a few months ago we were talking to a friend about how long we had know each other and he said to her,
"Yeah he's [me] just the same as when I first knew him except he has more spots now."

That hurt me aswell but thinking about it he is the kind of person that says things like that. He always makes a 'joke' before thinking and usually they are very hurtful or inappropriate but because of his confidence, people find him funny.
He's not just annoying about my acne either. He will comment on my money, my job situation. I've actually given up talking that much because I'm scared that the response I will get from him will put me down - he really is that nasty.
Take for example I make a joke which people would normally laugh at and find funny while there are just me, him and another friend there (who we hang around with a lot), he will IMMEDIATELY find a fault with it or tell me how it could not possibly work and then call me names. My other friend doesn't laugh because she thinks he's God basically.

I'm going to university at the end of September so I can get away from him and only see him in the holidays (does that sound really nasty?). BTW I'm hoping to get rid of my acne (or most of it) by then but I don't know what else to try after the B5...?

Urm, I've kind of moaned AGAIN! I'm sorry!!

Thanks again,


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