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Ok, so I've always had very mild acne all my life, but I had a baby 6 months ago and whoa---total hormonal changes and my acne has become more frequent---still pretty mild at times but still way too frequent. I went from the occassional zit to lots of small whiteheads/blackheads/bumps on my face. They hardly ever turn red, but my face feels as if I have small bumps especially on my temples, some on forehead and chin. Needless to say, I freaked out and made an appointment to see the derm.

So, I got a script for Differin Gel and Clindagel and just started using the Differin tonight. Doctors orders are to use Differin at night (very thin layer) and Clindagel in the morning. However, I can't remember if he said spot treat with Clindagel OR put a thin layer all over my face? I'm assuming this is to reduce the gravity of the potentila initial breakouts due to purging via use of Differin? Also, he told me to use Cetaphil products for cleansing and moisturizing----so, I've notcied the 30 minutes that I've had Differin on my face---it's started to feel tight---can I put Cetaphil moisturizer on after I put my differin gel on at night? If so, what kind? I have pretty normal skin----a tad oily, but also a tad dry--nothing overboard either way.

All you successful Differin users---please advise!

Thanks :wave:

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