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Ok ok maybe not so much lies and sex but definitely about acne... k, this is my first post but i've been coming here and reading alot. i think that it's important that we all should mention whether we are a guy or a girl because seems to be that really makes a a 21 year old male that has had trouble with this for like 3 years... my first trip to the derm they gave me good ole trimoxin (sp?) and differin and wow that really worked... but i had a lot of marks left over all over my cheeks which took about 6 months to come close to all fading... the summer of last year i was completely clear and i couldn't believe of the amount of fun i was having... then fall semester came and all hell broke loose. i don't get like cystic acne but its persistent. i then was put on differin again and then minocin which helped a little but the acne was still persistent. About two weeks ago i went to the derm and they gave me Zithromax and Retin-A and im just kinda i think giong through a mild initial breakout. i dunno. im just so freakin tired of this its not funny. i still have marks on my cheeks that are a slight shade of red but still new ones are comin! craziness...i act so different when i don't have to worry about my face...i get a lot of attention from the girls but it gets so frustrating because it seems my life is a rollar coaster... one day up and looking pretty darn good if i say so myself and then the next day bam!! not so much... its weird how different people treat you just based on how you look... it seems like i go to the extremes... k thats my novel... later just kinda bored and felt like venting or whatever

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