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I am continuing to use Skinoren at night (it leaves an oily film on my skin) and BP during the day, despite the fact that Skinoren increases my oil somewhat. I have stuck with it for one reason--it seems to be the best thing I've found other than BP to keep my skin stablized as far as texture, tone, and color. (I like BHA too, but I'm trying to keep my products simple for now and give this a chance so I only use it maybe once a week.) It does not fade redmarks on me like some say, and in fact a few old ones have taken much longer to fade than is usual for me, maybe because I stopped using BP at night. It also has not decreased pore size, but it does keep them in a holding pattern and my face still feels tight like I like it, even if it doesn't look tight (actually a benefit since BP alone made it too tight). Because B5 keeps my skin from breaking out, I needed something to stablize it as my skin is sensitive and gets irritated easily. I think Skinoren does help build up thicker skin or balance the skin's pH because that is the one benefit I see--less sensitivity and blotchiness/redness. I can rub my skin now if it itches,and I won't leave a red mark that lasts for a half hour--something I could never have done in the past. While this may sound like a trivial reason to stick with Skinoren, since I don't have breakouts anymore anyway, it has always been extremely hard for me to find anything I could use besides BP that didn't make me red or blotchy if I used it EVERY day, AND I wanted to use something a little moisturizing since I'm getting older (ain't we all?). Skinoren just seems so gentle and neutralizing. I'm hoping in the long run it has other more dramatic benefits than just stablizing my skin--like diminishing the oil better after I put it on, and clearing pores better (so I don't have to treat my skin a few times a week with B5 gel to remove plugs). This strikes me as a medication that works slowly and over time, so I think I really won't know the entire benefits for a few months yet. In the meantime, it's not hurting, even if it isn't an overnight miracle, so I'm sticking with it.

All other Skinoren/azelaic acid users please respond with your updates! I have a feeling those of us who started around the same time a while back may need more time to really know what this treatment is capable of, but I would like to hear how you are all doing so far!

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