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Here's what I've tried in my years:

ProActive (The 3 piece set, deep cleans. wash and sulfur mask) - by far my favorite.

Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask (another favorite works wonders when used overnight - dries up your acne).

Cetaphil Anti-Bacterial Bar (I use this in the shower all over - it helps keep my skin clean and bacteria free - highly recommend this product).

Neutrogena On The Spot Treatment (either tinted or regular - put directly on pimple works better than all the dermatologist recommended products w/ little irritation).

NV Perricone Products (mainly his Glycolic Acid products - didn't help my condition at all)

Murad Products (Was not crazy about these products didn't see much of a difference even after repeated use).

Sea Breeze Astringent - used to work well when I was in my teens but now it irritates my skin beyond belief.

Alcohol - I used to use this all the time on my face and back... i hated seeing all the dirt on the cotton ball - this was years ago now I know Alcohol is a no-no.)

Witch Hazel - good for a temporary oil reducer/toner. Not a good long term product. My esthitician uses it after waxing and it helps illiminate any irritation.

Benzaclyn - saw good progress in the first couple of weeks but that faded soon after. It dies your skin and clothes so be careful.
Cleocin - not recommended
Finevin (Azelex) - didn't do anything for me. And I used this for a long time.
Bacitracin - helped to scab up pre-existing pimples. VERY oily. Leave this for cuts and scrapes.
Loprox (for folliculitis and acne)
Dermatop (steroid) used this w/ the Loprox
Zythromax (didn't do anything for me - a waste)
Diflucan (again for the folliculitis - it helped)
Nizoral (for Folliculitis - not much of a difference)
Malox (I know this is gross - it's supposed to tighten and clear pores - yeah right stay away from these home made remedies.)
Bleaching creams (too drying and risky must be applied w/ persiseness or you can made condition alot worse)
Toothpaste (made my red marks REDDER)
Lemon Juice (no change)
Vinegar (no change and it stinks)
Green Tea (warm tea bags, this helps to ease swelling and redness when done steadily for days). It's healthy so I'd recommend drinking it as well. It's packed w/ a strong antioxidant.
Crushed vitamin c and e mixed together - I did this when I was about 16 and I thought it worked great but it may have been my ignorance at that age. who knows.
I even tried applying vitamin A (Fish lIver oil) directly out of the gel capsule on to skin - but I didn't do it long enough to see any effect.

There are a ton more remedies that I've tried .. I'm totally obsessed with finding a cure. I never had bad acne just always had the occasional few zits some cystic or nodular and the "oh so common" black and white heads ... which I HATE!!! The past year my skin has took a pitfall. I have bumps along the sides of my face they are flesh colored but sometimes red. It's hard to see this from a distance but it's not nice to look at up close. I have also been getting white heads on my cheeks and forehead - anyone familiar w/ this problem. My derm. said I had folliculitis ... so I am currently using products to treat that type of infection. I have seen 35 - 40% improvement but the pimples still come.

I hate this crap.

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