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It might help if you could state your age, when you first started getting acne, and whether it gets worse just before your period and/or right in the middle of your cycle (ie around ovulation). Are you on the contraceptive pill, if so which one? Acne can have many causes, but hormones and stress seem to be the main ones. I'm sure if you include a little more information people could make suggestions as to what might work for you. Remember though that everyone is different, and what works for one person might make someone else break out. Hence this board!

As for me, I have mild/moderate stubborn adult acne, started age 29, and have tried everything over the counter, plus a couple of creams from the dermatologist which were way too harsh. I'm now on Yasmin (contraceptive pill) and trying proactive.

But in general, a mild benzoyl peroxide (2.5%) applied to the acne prone area is a good start, after washing with a mild salicylic acid wash and gently patting dry. Use a good oil-free moisturiser after the BP has dried (with SPF for during the day). You could try the Neutrogena Advanced Solutions kit - contains all the above. It might well work for you if you only have mild acne, and its cheaper than proactive. Also of course a healthy diet, try and cut back on sugars, lots of water, sleep, exercise and a multivitamin with no more than the RDA of iodine. But be gentle with your skin to start with - over washing it and using too many products can make acne worse. Use the BP sparingly until your skin is used to it.

Good luck!

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