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After trying many suggestions, the only thing that cleared my acne was following a regimen I found on a site online. It lists over the counter medications to use that began working that same week for me. After reading many success stories there, I went to Walgreens and purchased Cetaphil soap, Netrogena's On-The-Spot Acne Treatment cream (small white tube), and a good moisturizer. Morning and night I cleaned with the Cetaphil, then spread a HEAVY amount of the On-the-spot acne treatment on my face. The key is to use a very, very generous amount of 2.5 benzoyl peroxide solution. Start with one section of the face and apply until gone, then work on the other sections, instead of all of the face at once because the cream will start to dry. Then moisturize well because the Cetaphil and acne cream will make your skin dry while it is working. I tell you, within a week my pimples were drying and now, a couple months later, my skin is clear of blemishes. I am treating the old scars, but no more pimples. I have even gotten compliments.

For a few weeks I was still breaking out, but the breakouts were fewer and fewer, and the pimples were smaller. Also the soap and cream dried them up fairly quick. Now I have finally stopped breaking out altogether. I think that anything we try will take awhile to totally do the job, so give it time.

I can't believe that after spending soooo much money on expensive products, this was all it took.


[QUOTE=gregathon;2794265]Couldn't find anyone posting something similiar so I though I'd ask myself. "Your Last Acne Solution" by Leo Kiesen is what Im referring to. I bought the online E-Book and its a pretty long and expensive plan to follow. Did anyone see any real results? It all made sense to me after I read it.

AHH Please some help?[/QUOTE]

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