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Hormonal rebalance?
Feb 12, 2007
Several years of various treatments never cured my acne until i used the correct contraception. After being on birth control Diannette for a year, i have recently been advised to switch to another pill: Marvelon or Yasmin. But i am not sure which is best for acne nor their difference in terms of their progestatin quantity as well as their risks/benefits for weight gain, depression, breast size, sweating, blood clots etc..? :dizzy:
Thank you for any advice/experience
Its great that Dianette cleared up your acne. I am on Yasmin but its not really helping after 3 months of use - I might try Dianette if I don't see an improvement after 6 months.

Yes, Yasmin and Marvelon are both recommended if you are prone to acne. I was on Marvelon for 3 years when I lived in the UK and was very happy with it. My skin was clear (though it wasn't bad before), and no side effects (although I think my small breasts got bigger - which was a huge bonus!). I asked for it here in Cayman after having my kids but the Dr said there was a scare about Marvelon a few years ago and blood clots, so they don't prescribe it here. I researched it on the internet and the scare (in 1995) turned out to be unfounded (sorry I can't post the websites or this post will be deleted - so annoying!!). So search for Marvelon to reassure yourself. But I was very happy with that pill.

Yasmin is a new kind of pill with an anti-androgen as the progesterone part, similar to spiro which can be taken orally to treat acne. Hence it is approved to treat acne in the states. I have read lots of good things on this board about it too - though some people have had side effects such as hair loss (I think this is rare though). It has anti-water retaining properties, so no weight gain, though no breast increase either :(. I've heard it is a good choice to switch to from Dianette. You can't stay on Dianette for too long because its strength is quite high.

I just found a good thread on this board about it... but since I can't type the web address, you need to search for "MARVELON - like Yasmin??" in the healthboards seach box above.

Hope you find the pill that works for you, and thanks for the tip about Dianette.
Thank you so much
This is all indeed very helpfull.
Just wondering whether either Marvelon or Yasmin have a limited period of usage (like Dianette?).
Thanks again:wave:

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