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[quote]Originally posted by Ric:
[b]I would advise you to not squeeze your spots, not so much because it scars the skin and takes longer to heal but to stop spreading bacteria all over your face. [/b][/quote]

I agree with you Ric totally, but I get too much enjoyment out of it as they come out really easily unlike before when it used to take a good few minutes getting all the gunk out and leaving a huge red mark. When i squeeze though I cover my fingers with some tissue and that prevents any bacteria spreading. It seems to be working extremely well as I have no whiteheads at all and now it is very rare for me to have any boils or cysts stuck under my skin.

I would suggest not to steam yourself longer than 5-10mins (or until you start sweating loads) as not only will your skin dry out quickly but also because all the bacteria comes to surface. So as soon as you have finished steaming wash your face immediately to get rid of all that dirty bacteria. I steam my face at most every other day but I do have oily skin which needs little moisturising. So for those with reasonably dry skin doing it twice a week: once at the start and once at the end of the week is probably cool.

Lemon juice is optional but it works for me. Just do what feels and works best.

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