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Coming off the pill
Feb 14, 2007
hello all! i have been on diane 35 for about a year...i also finished a course of accutane in august of last year...
diane 35 is causing some unwanted side effects such as anxiety, depression, mood swings etc///
im wanting to come off the pill due to the health risks involved....but after so many posts that i have read on other sites..everyone says their acne comes back with a vengence which leads people to go back on diane35
i began bcp at 19 (22 now)..i was on ortho tri dr took me off bc due to high blood pressure...i was not on any form of bcp for about 3 months...during that 3 months i developed huge acne cysts on either side of my chin...went back to my dr who put me on diane35 for the first time...things cleared up after 6 months...then my dr took me off of diane due to chest pains...went back on broke out again..then went on yasmin for a month..still breaking outl....went back on diane35 and have been on it every since...
i dont like being on bc but im terrified of coming off...
im wondering since i took accutane if a reoccurence of acne wouldnt be as possible or as bad when coming off the pill...(i have also been somewhat diagnosed with PCOS) has anyone been in the same situation/.?
i really dont want the acne to return, at least not really bad...
but from what i have read it will...THERE HAS TO BE SOMETHING OUT THERE THAT WILL HELP BESIDES GOING BACK ON THE PILL! anyone?? please??? are there any natural things to take to minimize the effects of coming off the pill? has anyone come off the pill (particularly diane35) successfully?
im so frustrated hearing everyones story about the reoccurence of acne..there has to be some other way to prevent this or something other than going back on the pill? ??

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