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Step l--I can't vouch for the cleanser. I haven't tried it. I'm sticking with Burt's Bees Wild Lettuce soap because it's perfect for me.

Step 2--Toner
I use this only after picking, removing sebum from pores, or heavy makeup use, otherwise I skip it. It's really just for extra-cleansing and otherwise unnecessary. It doesn't claim to really do anything other than this, except maybe help normalize your skin slightly if it is off balance.

Step 3--BHA

BHA l%--after toner--every couple of days (you can use it every night after the toner if you don't experience shininess or oil increase. If you do, just skip a few days and use it again.)
BHA 2%--after toner--if you've picked or pushed anything on or out of your face or have a lot of stubborn blemishes. It's strong and shouldn't be used more than 2 days in a row, unless you can tolerate it. I notice if I do, I sometimes start to get a shine or slightly more oil. Skip a few days and you it's gone and works well again.

Step 4:
Acne Treatment--basically a 5% BP with a lot of extra soothing ingredients and skin softener thrown in. Use over the entire surface of your face at night and during the day. USE DAILY.

Other Options:

Sunscreen--no irritants, pretty nice as far as these go
and not oily. I only use this when I go to the beach.

Skin Concentrate--to eliminate free-radical damage and build up skin's overall defenses (expensive but very nice stuff--goes on very smooth and leaves an excellent matte finish to the skin, nourishes the skin with vitamins).

Skin Lightener--for spot lightening or overall skin lightening (I found I really don't use this like the other products--BP all over pretty much evens my skin color and fades the red marks quickly).

Skin Relief Treatment--you can use this for any skin irritations: inflammations; itching; insect bites; before and after peels and electrolysis; after shaving to eliminate bumps and irritation; sores, etc. It's topical aspirin, so don't use if you are allergic to aspirin, otherwise it's great.

I keep all these things on hand and use them as needed. I built up slowly and added a lot of them as time went on and I saw a need for them. They don't just sit around in my cupboard either. I use them all and have had to reorder many times--you just don't use them all at once. Once you try them you can see which ones work best under what conditions. Our skin isn't the same from one day to the next (weather, stress, picking, allergies, etc. can all affect what we need to use on it).

You see I'm always trying what's out there, but I come back to these products over and over again. These are reasonably priced, make no claims they can't follow through on, and come with instructions on what they'll do and when to use them, are shipped promptly and usually arrive the same week I've ordered them, and all products have been carefully formulated to avoid potential irritants and unnecessary fragrances. Layering is no problem like you'd think it might be--they are light and sink in, unlike a lot of other thicker products. Just give them a couple of minutes in between layers and you'd never know you're multi-treating your skin the way you are. They're invisible.

You can read about this more on the website because a lot of information is provided there on each product's ingredients and uses.

I hope you are happy with whatever you order. If not, you can return all products for a full refund at any time.

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