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Hi all,

I had moderate to severe stubborn acne since age 13. I am now 20. I struggled for years because my derm was vehemently opposed to antibiotics for acne because it was too "dangerous" to be on them long-term. But, he would give Accutane with no consideration of its side effects. Never an option for me. I digress...

Two years ago I found a wonderful derm. I began using a 9% BP two times a day and Tazorac at night (I was on Differin for many years and it did nothing). And I discovered minocycline! I took it for two years and weaned myself off it very slowly. I am now completely off it for two months. Success!

I still use Tazorac every night. I also use the BP most nights (I'd say about 4 nights a week and never in the morning.) I recently started using the asprin mask occasionally because I love how smooth it makes my skin. It also controls my excess oil.

I used to use the topicals all over my face. For the past year I only put in on my cheeks because that's where I get pimples. I always break out on the same areas--never on my nose, forehead, nor chin.

So I have cut down on my topical use (area on face and times per week).

I contribute my better acne to my long-term minocycline treatment which I believe altered something permanently in my body even though I no longer take it. Also, just getting older. I'm 20 and no longer a victim to teenage breakouts.

Here's my question.........(Sorry for the long acne biography...hahaha)

How do you know when or if you should wean off topicals? Anyone done it? Or cut down on your use? Been able to switch to just OTC BP?

Thanks in advance!

Sue :)

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