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My face is healing
Feb 18, 2007
I have had gigantic, oozy, bleeding cysts for the past couple of months, and in the last two weeks or so they have almost all healed. I still have a small one on my chin but it looks it's started to recede too. Now all I have are those little "two day pimples" I get from just not washing my face enough. Not a big deal at all compared to a 2 inch diameter cyst that breaks open in public and hurts when I smile!

My acne has always fluctuated so I don't want to be too quick to thank anything specific for this sudden change, BUT I have been cutting significant amounts of sugar out of my diet since I read about Cordain and all that on this board. I *love* fruit and used to keep my house stocked with mangoes, papayas, cherries, strawberries, bananas and blueberries and I'd have a smoothie every day for breakfast, also eating fruit throughout the day as a snack.

I've quit doing that and have only been buying fruits with a low glycemic index like blackberries. Also been only eating the high sugar fruits like mango and papaya as an occassional treat, and always with a generous serving of a protein to keep my blood sugar stabilized.

I've also been slowly phasing out refined sugar for several years or so, and recently I've had some blood sugar problems that have forced me to abruptly stop all consumption of added sugars. I've never been big on refined grains so everything in my house is 100% whole grain.

So perhaps the fruit and refined sugar were the key for me. I'm not sure just yet because it's so early, but I'll keep holding off on my beloved fruit and see if my skin remains as good as it is now.

Oh, I also haven't been wearing makeup because I've been too sick to leave the house, and so that might have contributed too.

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