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My head breaks out as a reaction to many shampoos. Herbal Essences for oily hair or clarifying (the green one) works well. Switching shampoos might help your forehead too. This shampoo was one of the few that I could even scrub my body with and not break out. Avoid anything with coconut oil in it. That is the worst ingredient in hair care for skin imaginable. I could use it on my hair (as in certain Kenra shampoos and conditioners) and my skin would break out ALL over, not just on my scalp--and I mean within hours, it was so bad.

I've been using BP with good results for 20 years so I can't even remember how long it took before I saw results. I do know it works better over time because your skin has to get accustomed to it. (It will HELP, not cure, however. B5 or Accutane are the most potent treatments generally for that.) You can apply it both night and day after washing. What cleanser do you use? Burt's Bees wild lettuce soap and Oxy cleanser work best for mine. Oxy cleanser has BP in it too to give you an extra boost against that oil--and it does help. Unlike most cleansers, some of it does seem to sit on your skin because I notice redmarks fade in a day or two when I use that cleanser, unlike all other soaps or lotions to wash with. Both leave a nice matte finish, unlike other cleansers that leave your skin shiny. (Be sure to splash with cold water. Hot water seems to worsen shine after washing.)Pimples go away quicker too with Oxy Wash. You can even put some extra coats of BP on your skin about a half hour apart at night and it will really dry your forehead. You might experience redness or irritation, since your skin is still not used to it, but if you are really desperate to cut back on the oil, this is the way to go about it. Just be forewarned, you probably can't get away with doing this everyday, but it's a good fix if you have something important to do the next day and need the oil decreased. Pick up some Clinac OC too. It will halt the oil for several hours longer than usual and is completely non-irritating.

Do you wear foundation? If so, don't wear anything but Revlon's Colorstay Lite--the rest will make your skin red, clogged, and blotchy if you try to go without it. Even better, switch to mineral powders which are even more gentle. If you are a guy, just skip that comment, lol!

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