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Re: Proactive
Mar 13, 2007
[QUOTE=saphire82;2831573]Well, I had the whole kit and like only using the cleaner as well, only sometimes using the repairing lotion if I thought I needed it, but I didnt like the toner, it seemed to flare up my face. The real purpose of a toner is to restore the ph balance in your skin after washing it, so it doesnt make sense that they have all those ingredients in it. I hear of using just plain rose water or I think burts bees have good toners. Anyways, I only washed my face with cleanser every other day, otherwise with just a warm wet washcloth. It seemed the more I didnt use the cleanser the more it burned my skin when I did use it. So Ive stopped using it alltogether and now Im dealing with redness in my skin. I dont know if the proactive caused it but I realized that I didnt deal with the redness before the proactive.[/QUOTE]

Hi, I would like to clear up some stuff about this user. Please dont take this as an attack its really just clearing up some of the reasons why the majority of people using pro active dont get results. Take my word for it as Ive talked to many dermatologists about this product becuase Ive been using it before it blew up and became big. And Yet I only get the random pimple once in a while.

Alright here is the low down and Ill keep it as short as possible with out any big terminology so it is understandable. Pro active has a 3 (4 including the mask) step process for a reason. One being that the cleanser gets rid of all the top dirt and oil. What people dont understand though is, cleaning your face doesnt decrease acne, or even get rid of it. Honestly think about it. When you clean your face, what is left behind by the product you used to wash it with? The answer is nothing, you wash your face with the product, it cleans all your pores and so on. But what that now means is if you just stop there and dont use toner, benzoyl peroxide, or even the repairing lotion, your face regenerates the oil and dirt with in a few hours! What that means now is that even though you think your face is clean, you have nothing working on keeping your pores unblocked and nothing to work on getting rid of your acne.

Solution??? Pro active has 3 steps, USE THEM!! Some dont understand the steps either
FIRST STEP: Wash your face with the to clean up all the dirt and oil on the top layer

SECOND STEP: And take this seriously, dab your face dry with a cloth or towel. Why do this??? RUBBING CREATES ACNE EVEN IF ITS NOT YOUR OWN HAND!! Pores get clogged so easily its not even funny. So dab dry, do rub dry!

THIRD STEP: Take the toner and put it on a cotton ball. Then proceed by wiping your face down entirely, DONT RUB TO HARD OTHERWISE IT WILL CLOG THE PORES. Toner restores the pH in your skin, keeps it looking fresh, also it removes excess dried skin, dirt and so on. Dont believe there is still dirt on your face after washing??? If you have one, take a clearasil pad with the alcohol on it or another type of pad and wipe your face down. Now look at the pad, you will see dead skin and a blackish tone to the pad. Believe me, you need the toner.

FORTH STEP: LET THE TONER DRY COMPLETELY!!!! It may take about 5-10 minutes, but it will be worth it. Why is this, Dermatologists recommend that you wait 15-20 minutes to apply benzoyl peroxide or any other topical cream on your face. Again you may be asking why? Well in my friends case above in quotes, they must have been doing everything very quick and rushing through this, Washing their face, toning, and putting lotion on all in 5-10 minutes. This results in having a dry irritated face, thus drives you away from using this product, but really its not the products fault because these steps should be spaced out!

FIFTH STEP: Put a dime size amount of repairing lotion in one hand, then take your fingers of your other hand and dab your fingers into the lotion. Then dab your face all around. Remember you dont want your face loaded with this, thats just a waste of the product. After you dab it around your face then gently smooth it into your face.


Use the Mask about 1-2 times a week and apply ACTUAL face lotion after that, not the repairing lotion. The face lotion will stop dry skin from occuring.

Also get clearasil bezoyl tube down at wal mart or kmart and apply that every morning. This should also help in expediting the process.

Thanks for your time and any comments would be nice.

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