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I use to run into those........cyst like acne.

Your right!! those things are so painful. I can still remember it.

I use to leave it alone....but the darn thing just keep getting bigger and bigger. So one day....I decided to pop it. Big Mistake.

Yes....I felt relief, because the pus was out(along with some blood). I also squezz it...hoping that I will get rid of all the that they won't come back. Well.........lets just came back allright. One just form right next to it.
The previous one leave me these dark marks...that never seems to go away. and I am having another one....What the hell is going on(I thought to myself)?

I had to go to the dermatologist. They did gave me a shot of something on my face to help relieve it....(I closed my eyes at the time) but it did help me a lot....I felt so much better. Trust me........I had to pay some up-front cost for the shots, but was worth it.

but.......the problems persist. I had another one in like only 2 months after seeing the dermatologist. I was still in school....I can't afford these shots.

So............I saw the commercial about Proactive. I bought it...tried it made my skin smoother.....but it's been two weeks....and my skin is breaking out...And I just have this feeling that one of those cyst-like acne is going to form again. Anyway...........I can't throw it would just be a waste. long story short........I love it.

I am much older now........can honestly say: I never had a break-out or any of those cyst-like acne ever again.

Maybe you should try it.

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