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had mild-moderate acne, almost 3 months into accutane, have stopped breaking out and skin is visibly less bumpy and smoother, but there are still red marks left over, what am i most likely to expect next? do the red marks fade while on accutane or typically after, please share your experiences, thanks.
Hi there, I was on roaccutane for about 6 months last year and my skin's been 95% clear since.

Those red marks most likely won't completely fade until after you finish your accutane course - I still have a couple of faded ones left, which I'm working on smoothing over. Your derm / doctor might have a different method, but once my breakouts on roaccutane subsided, my derm had me keep a record of whenever I had a minor exacerbation - anything more than a little 24hr red mark. Those were sporadic for another month or two, and after they stopped she kept me on roaccutane for another month (I think) to make sure my acne was nailed.

It's a long slog, but in end it was definitely worth it for me at least. I've a few little spots at the moment which I'm putting down to exam stress, but it's really the first time I've even come close to worrying about my skin in a good while.

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