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[QUOTE=midleton123;2834963]Hi, I'm 19 years old and I've never had acne in my life. Yea a bump here or 2, but they would go away. I used to go on tanning beds, put bronzer on, make-up and never really had a problem. Then after a 1 1/2 years of depression and being tested on 25 different antidepressants, add medicines, and sleeping medicines I got reaallllly really bad acne. Not only do I have this red bumpy acne and blackheads and white heads on my face, but I have bumps on my throat, and these cystlike bubbles on my back and little bumps on my upper chest. I went to a dermatologist and he said I have 'acne vulgaris', then went on a rampage of things I should do like botox, chemical peels, facials, take propecia for my hair, blah blah. Um yea, he seems like a free loader to me. He seemed too busy and not caring so I'm in search of a better derm in south florida around the west palm beach area, If anyone knows.
I'm currently testing out doxycycline- antiboitic, and dont seem much of a difference at all except the fact I feel feverish, and crapping all the time, and acne in random places they shouldnt be popping up!
I also tried duac in the morning and it makes my skin feel raw, dry and red like a lobster that my internist told me to stop it immediately.
Plus the differin at night isnt helping but bring more pimples to the surface.

My internist told me to try benzaclin, so today is my 2nd day on it, and my face seems a little better, just a little swollen around the eyes though.
What I dont get is that dont duac and benzaclin have the same stuff in them?

I got my blood work done, and basically everything is fine except I'm spilling extra protein in my blood and pee. Which could be causing swelling around the eyes.

I dont know what to do about this acne I have. I want it gone.
It just makes me even more depressed. I cant leave the house. I'm in an isolated community from used to living in NYC. I'm going insane.
Everyone out here in florida is pimpleless around where i live. Its not ego-boosting at all!

I was suggested to use accutane originally by the dermatologists, but rosacea runs in my family, ( but the derm says I dont have it) and my dad read many bad reviews in rosacea group boards how people got rosacea from accutane, and it makes people dried out, lose hair (which I got a problem with already), and suicidal.

I'm a light skin, short female.

This acne is driving me INSANE!!!!!!
someone help me PLEASE![/QUOTE]

That's the oddest thing...I never had a zit in my life until the age of 19 and I was depressed for nearly 4 years and was on every kind of anti-depressant you could name before I finally "won," my fight with it. But I just find that weird that your situation is very like mine in that you developed acne at the same age and have taken so many different anti-depressant meds. Never know what those pills will do sometimes when introduced to the public. Not saying there is a connection, but curious stuff.

I have been able to control my acne by staying away from breads/grains, fried and greasy foods, and simple sugars. I would try eating plenty of lean meats, fresh fruit and vegetables (no nuts..not initially) for several weeks. If you want more information on this let me know. It's tough to change your whole diet around, but it's worth it if you can stick with it. I had a big time "re-lapse" if you will 2 weeks into it, but have for the last 3 weeks been even more dedicated to this new diet. Basically what's been helping me is sticking to 3 meals a day where 2 are basically the same with a few differences in selection, but mainly what has helped is marking off the days until 1 month has passed. I'm a week away and I just stocked up on food for the week so I should be good. I hope you find something helpful here.

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