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Milk Thistle really HELPED my acne! It's very good for your liver, and the toxins in your body are a huge cause of if you clean the toxins from your liver and colon, your skin will really clear up! Well, unless it's hormonal acne. I've been doing Milk Thistle, a colon cleanse, and Chlorophyll and my skin looks really good now! Good luck!
Yeah, I suffered from severe depression when I took it too....I took three rounds of it over a period of around 7 years. Acne always came back. Plus, I now have skin that looks a LOT older than I really am! I have had people ask me if I'm my husband's mother instead of his wife! I blame that on all the salylic acid, alcohol I rubbed on my oily skin, benzol peroxide, etc. etc. The worst area was around my chin area-it's now deeply wrinkled, and the rest of my face is young looking, where I didn't use those products. :(
Hmmmm-not sure. I mean, if it's a real, life threatening allergy, then no, I wouldn't take it. It just says you [U]could[/U] get a reaction though, not for sure. I wouldn't risk it. I mean, if you are wanting to protect your liver, then I'd just try one of the other herbs that doesn't have that risk.

If you are wanting to try it because it might clear up your face, then any of those herbs would work because they are good for clearing the liver of any of them would help your skin I'd imagine.

I know that Burdock is very good at clearing your face too-it's in a lot of herbal colon cleanses, and I've noticed my skin looking much clearer when taking them myself.

Good luck!
Hey, about milk thistle, let me tell you that you SHOULD use it, it will not only NOT cause any break outs, but it will also if you have break outs, STOP them from happenening. The reason for this is that milk thistle is used to detoxify your liver, and let me tell you from experience, the Liver plays a HUGE part in keeping your skin clean and, free of zits. I first started using liver detoxifying pills a while ago, and for the two month course I was on it, I hardly got a zit, I only got zits when I aggressively ate fatty food. Also as a side note, fatty foods cause Acne!!!, trust me, there are enough delicious non fatty foods, out there that can easily satisfy your cravings and still not cause any break outs. As a guy, all this stuff use to sound very corny and lame, but I had put aside my ego, in trying out these lame and corny techniques to get rid of my acne, since I was always use to drinking, eating pizza, chicken, beef, ice cream, and smoking all the time, but all thats plays a big part in how your skin is, so take it from me, take it ez on the diets. Hope this helps.
I did accutane twice....was wonderful until about 5-6 months later then I would break out horribly. So I decided to take a natural approach and do research on my own. I am taking yellowdock and burdock root....helps liver, cleansing blood, etc. And I have a milk thistle/dandelion liquid extract that I put in tea twice a day. My skin is the best its veen in such a long time. It's working so well and I have nothing but high hopes that its going to be EVEN better. I also stopped taking birth control almost 2 months ago because I didn't want all those hormones in my body....I was soooo scared I would break out bad. Nothing though....just normal which i'm very happy about.

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