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SO here it is. as an acne sufferer myself, i tried just about everything.
here are the few simple steps i did to get fast results.
(no more waiting 4 months to see results anymore)
i know its long but just read it.:)

[SIZE="4"]CLEANSING[/SIZE] simple 3 steps

1. wash you face with a plain old bar of soap (i used olay, but dove might be better).. nothing with harsh chemicals and fragrances. It doesnt have to be made for you face either. just a plain old white bar of soap. ($3) [B]KEY[/B]- work on areas of you face that are more oily and have more pimples. then rub bar over the rest of your face because some areas need more time and other dont.

2.use a moisturizer that doesnt have anything to do with acne. i used mary kay balancing moistureizer. any brand at the store should have a plain old facial moistuizer without the syllitic acid or those other chemicals you hear are "good" for you skin. [B]KEY[/B]- do not use a lot of moisturizer, dime size is perfect, and when rubing it onto your face only use the tips of your fingers not your whole palms, and keep rubbing it in until there is no more slipage on your face. leaving moiturizer settle on the top of your skin can help clog pores so better to rub in more then usual. ($8)

3. Use lavendar oil, geranium oil and tea tree oil. any heath food store should sell it. get an eye drop bottle and fill half the bottle with tea tree and then fill the rest up with lavendar and geranium (lavendar and geranium should not go directly on your skin because they are very strong so thats why you mix them with the tea tree) mix it and then apply a few drops on each surface of your skin. a little goes a long way. these prducts are not expensive either.

[SIZE="4"]ALL DONE[/SIZE]. now repeat these steps every the morning is up to you depending on your skin. (personaly i wouldnt remeber its not always good to wash your face 2 times a day) so i just used a wash cloth and gently wiped my face and then aplied about one drop to each part of my face.


1. drink as much water a day you can. this really does help.

2. stay away from intense sugars ie: ice cream, candy bars, cookies.
decresing you sugar intake will also help. dont stop eating sugar just instead of 10 cookies eat like 4 and your good.

i know this seems so simple to even think about. but it worked for me. and ive tried just about everything. sometimes we have to go the natural way is the way to go. plus these items are extremly cheap, so you can really loose anything and for me ive spent so much on products before ranging from $20-$300.. good luck and please let me know if you haev questions of concerns or just want more information. id be happy to help.

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