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I'm calling today to make a derm appt and I'm sort of scared. I have had mild/moderate acne for about 12 years (I'm 30). During my 2 pregnancies my face was as clear as could be and I didn't start breaking out again until my period started, which was about 6 months after giving birth...both times.
So, I know it's hormonal. Products sometimes work for me, but then stop. I tried using the clean and clear bp, but that just dried my face out too bad, and again, only worked a little.
I've always been scared to go to a derm and be put on something...I hate that many things have to make your skin worse to get better. I have a professional job and I just can't go through a severe acne breakout faze. I'd rather live with mild acne then go through that. But...if there is something out there that won't break me out too bad in the beginning, I'll try it out. question finally to you is that I'm pretty sure minocycline is a antibiotic, right? How long did that take to work, and did you have a bad breakout phase? Same questions with the Differen, and does it dry your skin out-do either dry you out? Can you be in the sun?
I've heard some good things about Differen, but I want to make sure I know what I'm getting. So, as much as you can tell me about both would be great!

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