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I got this 30 day kit from Bath & Body Works, and it's really done wonders.

My acne was under control for a while, but then it started to flare up again, and my normal cleanser stopped helping, so I got the 30 day kit from B&B, which includes an exfoliating cleanser, anti-aging serum with MMPi, oil-free moisturizer, and a two-step glycolic peel system.

Before, my skin was getting too dried out, even with regular oil-free moisturizers, which I think only worsened the acne.

This stuff is exfoliating, so it gets rid of dead skin, and the moisturizer hydrates your skin without making it oily.

Granted, the stuff is wayy expensive. The 30 day kit is around $40, and the normal sized exfoliating cleanser is 16.00 just by itself.

But it's the only thing that works on me right now.

I still have to use trenointin (spelling?) gel at night, but it's worked a lot better than it ever did with a simple cleanser before the gel.

Just thought some of you might want to try it out, if you haven't found anything that works yet.

And by the way, the 30-day kit is guaranteed. If it doesn't work for you after the 30 days are up, then you get a refund on your money.

Can't hurt, right?

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