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Sorry for the long post, but it's my first one since I'm new to this group. But I've been reading up on past posts all week but because of what my wife said to me the other day, I guess she is responsible for me finding this site and getting me serious about fixing my back acne.
Anyway, my back acne (mainly huge cysts and some red spots & white heads if I'm lucky) has been a problem for MANY (over 12 years.) I'm 34 btw. But recently I have been really concentrating on washing it every time I get sweaty and of course in the AM & PM. I was noticing some improvements in it. I still had scars and red spots from old cysts, but I was fighitng only 1 or 2 new inflamations. After working in the yard I came in to eat lunch and took off my shirt thinking, " Hey maybe she'll notice it's clearing up." Or in the least I would get no negative reaction. (Before this day I've avoided her seeing my back at all by keeping it covered or facing her when in the bathroom.) Well sure enough, she noticed! She said, "Wow! Look at how BAD your back is looking!" I blew it off by saying, "Yeah I guess it is."
I was sooooo disappointed! That's when I thought to myself that's it! I'm fixing it. Enough is enough! I feel that this event had to happen for me to get serious about my problem. I found this site and have really learned a lot from all of your posts.
FYI: I've decided to try washing & topicals before going down the ingesting of vitamins/prescription road although I may have to go there someday. (Hey after more than 12 years fighting it, I have time to experiment and learn from everyone.)
I've purchased the Neutrogena acne wash (salicylic acid)and the Multi-vitamin Lotion (AHA)to hopefully clear up some of the old red marks. I've also been testing aloe vera on my back to control oil along with BP, although I hate the fear of the BP bleaching our towels yet again! I've even tested the lemon juice on a white head on my forehead (it seemed to help & not hurt). I've kept my shirt off during the day when my wife is not around to keep my back free of sweat.
Finally, my acne is moderate. I believe it's hereditary (my oldest brother has it worse than me.) I don't know if it's food related although I've suspected milk, but will not give it up on my cereal nor drinking milk shakes. (That's where I draw the line.) I'm not allergic to anything. Some cysts arrive on my face, some regular pimples are there too, but it's mainly my back acne that I hate.
** Cyst count: I presently have one cyst on my right side of the back and the most recent one recovering is a cyst on the left side of my nose and a couple on my back (as usual)
** Regular Pimple count: One big one on my forehead popped and healing. 2 on the left shoulder, popped and red scabs. And if I tried counting them all, about 15-20 on the back in various stages of size and maturity.
**My goal: To get a handle on things. I don't care if I ever have a pimple free life. I want a back that's more clear than unclear.

P.S.--My wife has absolutely BEAUTIFUL skin and I love her for it. She has maybe 3 zits a year. Not a scar or pimple to be seen. I would be SOOOOOOO jealous, but I guess I'm just happy she's not fighting what I have to go through. I also don't have to worry about buying cover-up. I use it more than she will ever use it. I know all of you women out there have it rougher than I have it with a much higher imphasis on looks than us guys. Just know that as a fellow sufferer of acne I see imperfections in skin of all others with empathy. Who am I to judge? My hell would be eternity without a shirt on at a beach. Anyway I've gone on too long.

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