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[I]So with mild to moderate acne (usually mild) aside from keeping clean, do I just need to watch my sugar intake?[/I]

Not just. Dairy is also horrible for acne. Some people cannot tolerate grains either (bread, pastas, pastries, oatmeal..etc). But there are alternatives so you don't have to starve yourself. Stevia is a natural sugar from a plant, it won't hurt your skin. Replacing dairy cows milk with almond or goats is another great choice; same goes for cheese..use goat. For grains, it's a wise idea to get wheat/grain-free pastas, or coconut/almond/flaxseed flour to make your own bread if you tend to eat that a lot.

[I]Or do I need to watch out for greasy food? Would a greasy slice of bacon with say... 0 grams of sugar be bad for my skin?[/I]

It would most likely effect your skin, red meat is a big no if you can help it, especially meats like greasy bacon & pepperoni. Chicken & Turkey are better choices.

[I]What would you recommend as the daily limit for sugar intake for someone trying to avoid acne?[/I]

Hard to say, everyone's different. A doughnut everyday doesn't sound like a good idea. People breakout just by eating a doughnut per week, so it depends. Experiment I guess..

[I]What other areas on the nutrition facts section do I need to look out for? Protein? Sodium? Potassium?[/I]

Too much iodine can make your skin flare up. Don't eat too much sea food. But iodine is very important for your don't shut it out completely like some people think is best. Just limit it.

[I]Can sugar alcohol and other artificial sweeteners cause acne?[/I]

Yes, especially! I don't know about "cause acne" but it certainly will aggrivate it and make it worse. Stay away from those artificial sweeteners, cut-out the sodas completely..the pastries, any sugary drinks, even 'sugar-free' drinks are bad for your skin since they still use aspartame which is the mother of all bad sweeteners. Stick to stevia since you can buy it anywhere.

[I]What ingredients should I look for to avoid acne? If what I'm eating has 0 grams of sugar is it COMPLETELY safe as far as my skin goes?[/I]

No, it's not at all completely safe for your skin. Sugar is just one of the main foods to avoid. Cut-out all dairy. Try to eat wholesome foods, fruits like blueberries, apricots, plums, avocados are essential. Avoid citrus..oranges, grapefruit..etc. Any veggies that are green are excellent for your skin. Look out for bad hydrogenated oils & trans-fats. Canola, hydrogenated vegetable oils, soy oils, any word with shortening. Problem is, almost every food you buy has some kind of bad oil in it. Unless you go organic, you can't run away from it...much. But you can replace the little things such as commercial peanut butter (bad oils) with the pure natural peanut butter (the kind you stir) and you can pick it up at any grocery store. Tastes good too.

Just one thing about chocolate, I know you probably think it's the worst thing for your skin, but it's actually very beneficial because it's full of antioxidants. The commercial sugary chocolate is [B]bad[/B], but if you get the dark kind or ones from your health store that use natual cane sugar, it's actually a good thing.

And I'm not sure about fish oil, but I've heard some good things about it.

Hope this helped you out.

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