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Hello Everyone,
I am Kenny, and I am 27 yrs old. This morning I decided I have to look online for help/advice.
Through my teens I had the average facial breakout and still have the occasional pop-up zit. I have always had the occasional pimple on my back/arm/butt. :D But in the last year or so my back has had at least one LARGE PAINFUL pimple on it at all times (that takes 7-14 days to go away). My diet has not changed, and I have always eaten the same foods and I have always showered 1-2 times a day. My back has started to steadily get worse in the last few months and I am to the point now where I WILL NOT take off my shirt. I have pimples of all sizes on my back/upper arms and do not take anything while working out. I have ALWAYS taken a daily vitamin. I have tried a few recommended things.
* the sun
* tanning bed (really helped a lot)
* acne body wash
* and cut back sweets..
I am not a oily person and HAVE noticed my face is perfectly clear suddenly. My back seems to have the issue.. I DO sweat when I am jogging, but come home and shower.
I have one concern. I was visiting an old friend about 9 months ago (out of town) and noticed that their back was COMPLETELY covered in pimples/whelps. I slept in the spare room. (in boxers only) When I got home I noticed a HUGE whelp/pimple on my leg. This probably sounds stupid.. but it seems like it has been a problem since then. Is there any way this could have started my breakouts to increase?
It is REALLY embarrassing. I hate that I work out and exercise to stay in shape, but have a sudden fear of taking off my shirt due to acne.
any recommended:
* soaps
* vitamins
* creams
* ideas
* herbal ideas

Please Help! I am getting discouraged..

Kenny :(

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