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Hi all...I was wondering if anyone out there can give me personal experience on what Rx products they have used to treat their acne, and how well they have worked.

My skin is not horrible, but it is very oily, and I break out fairly often. I also have had bouts of cystic acne on my chin-very painful! And ugly! I already look quite young for my age, so I get treated like a high school student when I have a breakout (I am 25). No good for your career or other areas of your life!

I already eat a very healthy diet, and I am gluten free and casein (cow's milk protein) free. I am VERY strict about that becuase I actually have diagnosed Celiac Disease and get very ill if my food even touches somthing with gluten.

I admit I don't drink enough water, but I do take Omega 3-6-9 (fish oil capsules) daily and try to eat an anti-inflammatory diet.

I was using Dermalogica products (very expensive-I had $500 worth of skincare suited to my skin type), and I find they work...somewhat. Although my skin did look better, I still broke out. I have since returned to my $7 Clean and Clear, which seems to be doing the job.

I only wear MAC Studio Fix powder as foundation, no creams.

I have tried Proactive (made my skin worse!) and pretty much everything under the sun.

Since I live in Canada, it is actually cheaper for me to see a doctor for an Rx than contiune to waste money on over the counter stuff. :D

That said, I do not want to have to wear 50 LBS of makeup on my wedding day, nor have red oozing bumps in all of my pictures!

I would like to try Accutane, but I am scared it will make things worse, or not help at all.

Can anyone who uses prescription products and medications for their acne please help me?

P.S. I also forgot to add that regular deep cleaning European facials with extractions (including with a sterile needle) helped a lot to keep my pores and skin clear, but at $100 every 2 weeks, I have had to stop now that I am back in school. For those who can afford it, they really do make a difference. They best way to clean gunk out of pores involves manual labor! ;)

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