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I thought this too, and have been eating LOTS of carrots everyday for the past year. It's done nothing for my acne.
[QUOTE=FallingSnow;2931228]I agree with eating carrots, but here's another important tip - females should limit the intake and only eat them in moderation. Carrots tend to raise the estrogen levels in females which leads to more acne eventually.[/QUOTE]

I would like kindly to point out that it is actually the other way around. Acne is not caused by estrogen, it is effected by testosterone because that is the homone that causes the adrogen glands to cause excess oil production. Birth control increases the estrogen levels, hence why people take BC to control their acne. And carrots are do contain phytoestrogens (food estrogens), but there are a lot more common foods that contain just as much, if not a lot more, phytoestrogens. But they are not going to substantially increase estrogen levels by any means that it would affect anyones acne. I cannot say the website I received this tip from, but I do believe it is credable (Oprah mentioned it one time for people to figure out their [U]real age[/U]) and the tip very well may be true, but obviously there are other things in people's diets or regimines that are perhaps causing other things to be out of balance. So perhaps it might not help people, but I thought there may have been a link since people do talk about vitamin A frequently here.

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