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I'm taking spiro 150mgs a day. All of a sudden my derm cancaled the 50mgs. So I called him and he said that he didn't feel comfortable with me taking 15mgs. I told him that i've been taking it for 5 months now and that's what's been helping my skin. Seriously guys, last week was my period time and I didn't get any pimples, NOTHING!!!! My skin is doing sooo great! So I'm very upset that he's talking crazy. I begged him to give me my 50mg back so he said that I have to get my electrolyes checked and we would go from there. So I wanted to know what foods were good to eat to keep my electrolyes right. I just don't understand whats going on and why all of a sudden he's talking like this??? He should have checked them in the first place. Please Help!! Thank you all
Since youve been on spiro have to had your potassium levels checked?

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