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Hi, im Jeff. I'm 19 and I've been on accutane for over 6 months now, and it has been a COMPLETE miracle. I am almost completely clear except an accasional blackhead that surfaces. But my breakout was so HORRIBLE before i got put on accutane, that my whole jawline is still red. There isnt any acne anymore, it just still looks like hell. :( I am very discouraged. It seems like i am so close to being done with this nightmare, yet so far, since scarring takes the longest to get rid of. My derm put me on Mederma gel, which is suppost to prevent/treat acne scarring, but its been a week, and i havent seen the slightest difference. I am starting to think that this will take months to cure with this gel. Has anyone tried laser scar treatment? laser scar surgery? Blue light treatment? or dermabrasion? Please fill me in on how this all worked for you. Like i said, my scarring is so bad that this is going to take SOO long to get back to normal, i need another miracle :( plz help, money is not an issue in order to make me normal again :(

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