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which one gives better results to prevent and heal pimples without damaging the skin? Overall what are the benefits and side affects of each?
I can't remember what each one does, but I use both. If you can get a copy of "the acne cure" by Dr Dubrow, it explains in detail what each does and when to use them. You could probably do a search under him name too for more information on his system. My skin is now under control thanks to this book. I cleanse with Neutrogena anti-acne wash (with 2% salicyclic acid) in the evenings and then after running and ice-cube over my face (as it says to in the book) I apply the BP to pimples if I have any and if not, I still put a little bit on the areas that I used to get pimples. It took about 6 weeks for me to get major improvement using the acne cure system and also a big part of it for me was using glycolic acid products which I will never stop using now. I believe that the glycolic acid products I've been using has given me the most improvement.
Well, Im not a derm but from what Ive researched, Salicylic acid (Beta hydroxy acid) works by exfoliating the pore from within and getting out all the debris and reducing blackheads and whiteheads, which are the beginning of a zit if it gets infected with the bacteria. Can cause the skin to dry and peal.

Benzoyl Peroxide is a topical antibiotic that kills the bacteria thats causing the infected comedo to be red and inflamed, but I think indirectly keeps the pore open. Can be irritating/drying and bleach hairs or fabrics.

Hope that helps a bit...
From what I understand, your skin gets 'used' to salicylic acid, and becomes 'resistant' to it after a while, whereas that doesn't happen with benzoyl peroxide. Most 'over the counter' acne products have salicylic acid. Proactive has no salicylic acid, but both the repairing lotion and (unusually) the face wash has benzoyl peroxide.

Having used both on my stubborn moderate acne, I can honestly say neither has been very helpful to me, but other people swear by it, so I do hope it works for you.

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