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I was wondering if anybody could tell me the price of Doryx for a 1 month supply at 100mg and 200mg? I know Accutane is like $500 a month for the generic.
My dermatologist gave me some samples of Doryx. It's helped, but I still have little bumps. It worked best when he told me to run it @ 200mg ed for 2 weeks. If I can get the Doryx for under $100 a month I would like to do that and wait to change my insurance next year.
You see with the insurance I got now they pay the first $1000, I pay $1000, then they pay 90% of everything after that. Well I already used their $1000, so it my turn now. :(
I go back to my doc on May 1 and I doubt he knows the price of the drugs for some reason. Thanks for any help you guys can give me.
Doryx is the name brand antibiotic, where as Doxycycline is the generic.
Here is what I have found with both...Doryx works best, but still runs $50 even with a good insurance plan. Sometimes doc's have coupons for it.
Doxycycline was a total waste of time for me. I have gone the generic route for Doryx and for Cleocin-T (clindomyicin is generic) and both have failed miserably. My derm told me when it comes to hard to control acne, the generic are just not the same as the brand name and I totally believe it.
Good luck if you are going to try accutane, but I have seen with my struggles through the years derms are not quick to prescribe it because there is ALOT of paperwork involved and you have to be approved. If you are the age of a childbearing woman, this is even harder to be approved.
Best of luck!

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