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february '06 i started using proactiv and it didnt help at all, i had red spots all over my face, none of them went away.

jessica simpson and p diddy are liars, p diddy had a spaz attack over one tiny little dot on his forehead, and he said he has really bad skin. well of course it was gonna work for him, he had the smallest of all small spots.

then i went on minocycline for a few months, it cleared my chin up, but my forehead, and my cheeks are still completely covered in red spots. so now im on accutane. i really regret putting all hope into proactiv, i used it for 6 months and nothing happened, has it worked for anybody else?
It never worked for me either. What worked for me, but with a crapload of side-effects - was Accutane. However, even after Accuatane I would sometimes get a few occasional pimples here and there - and THAT'S when the Proactiv has actually worked for me... but only after Accutane did 95% of the job.
ProActiv worked for a short amount of time for me. I stopped using it, got sick of spending the money every month, so I switched to Accutane. Since I had insurance it was great (I've heard it's a killer to buy if you don't have insurance...) The only problem that was stopping me from moving onto Accutane was the horrid stories from the side effects. The most I encountered was very dry lips and a few mood swings. Everyone is different so the side effects will vary from person to person. I would suggest to go to a dermatologist and maybe see what s/he thinks. Maybe s/he will start you out on a small dose and increase it as necessary. Wait..did you even mention Accutane lol? I'm rambling sorry..if you have an q's about Accutane don't hesitate to ask:)
I never heard of Accutane and i was actually thinkin of ordering Proactiv on tv. I am using Obagi and my skin has really become fresh younger looking. Its pricey but its worth it.

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